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Dylusions Ink Spray Review

Well I’m not going to wait until the end before telling you what I think of these - I loved these from the first spray of the bottle! They are such lovely vibrant colours - and are such fun to use, so I’m telling you from the beginning - I LOVE THEM!!!

For those of you who have bottles of Color Wash in your cupboard and are thinking this is the same thing - it isn’t! Color washes are very intense darker colours suitable for being colour fast on materials. Dylusions Ink Sprays are more translucent and you can build them up - and play with the way they change colour with each other and with water - they are not colour fast on materials.

I love being able to be messy and so I have a plastic table cloth from the party stuff section of EBay which I have cut into thirds - it cost just over £1. I open this out over my craft area as I tend to get very excited and spray wildly and so this protects everything. When I’m finished, I don’t clean it (I’ve already blotted up the ink with scraps) I just fold it up.

These inks are such fun, I have even filled water pens with them ready for action! Come and see in the forum for where we have found the cheapest places to buy them from.

I have a spiral bound book I spray away in, creating pieces I can cut and use as I like - this way I can use all the ink easily as you will see. I also use cheap photocopying card to soak up the ink left on the mat.

If you spray your sheet first with water, the colours swish into each other a bit more - but also do lose a little bit of their intensity. Have a play and see what you like best - different looks are good for different projects. I say that as if you already have the inks - just assuming really that it’s only a matter of time before you do!

And so you have your page - with or without water sprayed on it, and now it’s time to spray your inks! Don’t be stingy with them - have fun spraying!

When you’re done, if you are using a book you can put the previous page over to blot, or if using a piece of card - take another piece to blot. This gives you a piece to use later!

I tend to start off like this, and build up more colours in the gaps as I want them - each time flipping the page to blot as I go along.

Below shows on the left the page that was sprayed with water and then the inks - the right hand side is the page that blotted it! Very different looks.

We have just scratched the surface - click the link below!

By Sara Sandbyerg, August 2012

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