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Easter Egg Surprise

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

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Step 1

Cut your templates out. The rabbit needs to be made from a fairly thick card, as his ears act as a hinge. I have cut out the egg from thick card, and an additional one in patterned card to cover it with.

Gently inking the edges with foam makes a big difference to the finished look!

Step 2

Take the top of the egg, and lay it with the back facing up as shown.

Take the rabbit, and bend it’s ears forward as shown.

Step 3

Put glue on the ears, flip it over and stick it to the top of the egg.

Make sure the ears are not over the edges of the side of the egg, or the zigzag cut.

Step 4

Open the rabbit out with the egg on his head, and put his features on.

Put adhesive on the bottom of him as shown below.

Step 5

Flip bunny back over, and bring the bottom of the Easter Egg onto your surface with the back facing up. Align the top and bottom so that the zigzag crack is fitted together. When it is in position, hold it in place while you bring the Easter Rabbit down to attach to the bottom of the egg.

Step 6

Flip it over. Add glue to the bottom of the hands, and stick them to the inside of the egg as shown below.

Then add his sign.

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Easter Egg Surprise (2) Easter Egg Template

 Sara Sandberg 2018

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