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Easy Photo Corners

Photo corners are a great way to add a gift card or lottery scratch card to our fun card designs.

Photo corners are really easy to make - all you need is a 1/2” scrap of paper. It takes two folds and you’re there, but some people find they don’t always come out equally shaped and so I have created a template that makes sure all your photo corners will be the same. The additional advantage of using the template is that your corners are made around card which gives a more dimensional effect.

Cut a piece of card to support your gift card or lottery ticket 1cm or 3/8” bigger than your gift card/lottery ticket.  This ensures that your gift card is held with space around it so that it can be removed without spoiling your card.  

To begin

Click here to download the Photo Corners Template

Perfect Photo Corner Template.pdf

Hold your strip of paper over the corner on the template so that you can just see the guide line alongside it as shown.

Fold the top of the strip down behind the card as shown.

If you have printed your template on paper it helps to glue it to a

3” x 4” piece of card for firmness.  You can then keep this guide in your drawer for when you need it.

Take a 1/2” wide strip of patterned or plain paper.

Fold the left hand bit of the strip behind the card as shown.

Slide the photo corner off the template - it will look like this from behind.

Trim the back bits off in line with the triangular front.

Slip the photo corner over the backing card.

Turn the card over and glue down the tabs.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

This works particularly well with our briefcase project, as well as the purse shaped card and handbag designs.  Click here for details on how to access all our projects.