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These little flip flops  I have designed are great fun. you can punch an extra hole in the heel and hang them  as charms, or just have them sitting as they are, looking cute!

Present them  in a little box or bag stamped with the same pattern for a special touch.  I designed this project for Simply Stamping Magazine.

Rubber stamp a patterned image using a Brilliance ink pad.  Use a large pattern that will still be distinguishable after shrinking.

Shrink time!  Heat according to the instructions for your shrink plastic.  If using a heat gun, it is useful to have something heatproof to press lightly on the flip flop base while heating to stop it blowing away!  (I use a skewer for this)

Use alcohol inks to colour the side of the sole without the stamped pattern.  This method of colouring keeps the opacity of the shrink plastic. you can, of course, colour them any way you like, before or after heating.  Whip your Krylon round the edge as a finishing touch.

Now it gets fiddly!  Fold a piece of wire in half. Use pliers or a similar tool to squeeze the fold.

Still holding the fold with the pliers, use your other hand to twist the wire round a couple of times.  This forms that uncomfy bit that goes between your toes!

Dab a dot of Diamond Glaze into the top 'toe' hole, and place the twisted wire into it to set.  It is a good idea to place the flip flop on a non stick plastic mat while it dries.  Make sure  the glue has dried before you go on to the next stage!

Once dry, cut and bend the wire so that it can poke through the remaining two holes – I bend the wire over a tool handle to get a smooth bend.

Now for the seed beads.  These pesky little things can be extremely hard to hold.  However, if you sprinkle a few on your desk, lick your finger and dab it onto a bead, it will stick and you can then poke the wire into it.  Once the beads are on, push the wire into the two remaining holes.  Trim any excess off from underneath, and put a dab of Diamond Glaze in the hole.  Smooth with finger.  Allow to dry on your non-stick surface.

Use this stencil to draw flip-flop shapes on your shrink plastic and cut out.  Punch out the 3 holes on each flip flop with an eyelet punch.

Flip Flop Embellishments

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

If you should be unlucky enough to drop your beads, hoover them up with a stocking over the nozzle to catch them!