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Using Fresco Crackle

PaperArtsy’s Fresco crackle is the best crackle paint I have used to date, and so I thought I’d walk you through a little tutorial in using it as I make my Lotus Shaped card.

Step 1

First I painted the petals with Fresco Orchid.

Step 2

I then put a blob of Crackle Glaze on a plastic credit card and swiped it across the petal.  The thickness of the crackle glaze is not what makes a good crackle - in fact if it is too thick it won’t dry. The crackle glaze  creates a surface that the next layer of paint ‘slips’ on as it dries. And so the way you apply it gives different crackle effects. Brushing it on, I find, gives a different crackle than this credit card swipe.  And the direction you swipe or brush will change the crackle again.

Step 3

Now I  applied the top coat of paint.  This needs to be done in one brush stroke - if you try and brush a stroke again it will drag the paint off the crackle.  Paint as thickly as you can to coat the underneath colour and create a good crackle.   The beauty of the Fresco paints is that they brush stokes magically disappear when it’s dry. Below is the petal with wet paint, you can see all the brush strokes.

And below here it is dry.

I inked the edges to finish the petal off nicely.

Visit the PaperArtsy website for more information on Fresco paints.