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While the Friendly Plastic is still warm, you can drop some micro beads into it.

This is my favourite!  Heat a piece of Friendly Plastic. When it melts dip an embossing tool in water, and poke it in the FP, wiggling it to make a hole. Make another, and another . .  reheat the FP when it starts to go hard, and keep going until you have the desired effect.

Cut some small squares of Friendly Plastic and heat gently with your heat gun.

When your plastic has melted, place an alphabet stamp on it and push down gently.  DO NOT REMOVE IT until the Friendly Plastic has cooled completely!

I inked the stamps with Stazon before pressing them into the plastic with this Linda name, then trimmed the letters down.

You could then fill in the gaps with scraps of friendly plastic and heat again to join it all up.

Friendly Plastic

I just love friendly plastic! There are lots of tips here, and you can also see several videos on using it in our video section.

Tip 1

Here’s something to start with. Cut some slithers of Friendly Plastic and line them up next to each other. Gently heat with a heat gun. When you can see they are melting, dip a skewer or sharp tool in water, and drag across the pieces.

Tip 2

Tip 3

Cut a piece of Friendly Plastic and lay it over an art mould.  

When it has melted dip your fingers in water and press it into the mould.   IF YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS IN WATER BEFORE DOING THIS, IT WILL STICK TO YOUR FINGERS AND BURN THEM!!!!

When completely cold, turn it out of the mould.

Tip 4


The projects below are explained in more detail in our members area, but you can see videos of how to make them in our video section.