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Friendly Shrink!

Something everyone should have perhaps?! In this case, I have combined friendly plastic and shrink plastic - this is so much fun you must try it! You never get the same result twice!

Here are some tips for when you do it:

Tip 1

Make sure you do this on a non stick, heat proof surface!

Tip 2

If your surface gets hot because you have been playing a while, when you heat the back of the friendly plastic and put the shrink plastic on the back, the friendly plastic may have melted and be sticking a bit to your non stick mat. Don’t worry - just leave it to cool down. Once it’s cool it will come off no problem.

Tip 3

If your shrink plastic bends round and sticks to itself, let it cool down a bit, then pull it gently apart - you’ll hear it snap! Carry on heating it. This was a tip given to me by the lovely Liz Gale!

Tip 4

If you touch melted friendly plastic it sticks to your finger and burns! If you need to touch it dip your finger in water first - the same for your craft tools, dip them in water before touching soft friendly plastic.

Have fun with it!

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We have more tips on using friendly plastic here!

If you enjoy using friendly plastic, keep an eye on the Queen of Friendly Plastic, Liz Welch’s blog. Liz makes the most wonderful things with friendly plastic, and is very generous at sharing her knowledge on her blog. You can also buy friendly plastic and related items at her online shop.