Sara Sandberg 2018


Hanging Hearts, Instructions

Step 1

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 2

Step 3

Cut out your templates.  You will also need a piece of thread to hang the hearts. There are 4 of the little hearts to give weight so they hang properly - glue them in pairs now so you have two at double thickness.

Print off the placement PDF and use it to work on. Take your back right hand piece, and your back heart pieces, and lay them on the placement image.

Add a blob of glue to each piece as shown, and carefully lay the thread in place. I use a big needle to poke the thread in place.  Wait now for the glue to dry - if it’s not dry when you put the top pieces on the thread may move out of place.

Once dry, glue the top pieces on to the right hand side and hearts.

Now glue your front and back left hand pieces together so that you have one at double thickness ready to stick on.

Step 4

Use the placement picture to attach it to the rest of the card. It is joined by one blob of glue at the top, where the two pieces overlap. It’s not a large area, so use a nice strong glue and wait for it to dry before moving!

I fold a piece of paper around the card before putting in an envelope to prevent it being pulled apart when being drawn from the envelope.

Step 5

Step 6