I live in the very North West tip of Kent, actually in the London Borough of Bromley, which is very confusing for anyone who does not know this part of the Country!! Chislehurst is a lovely ancient village, complete with several duck ponds, we are surrounded by National Trust Woodlands and lovely open, protected green spaces, yet just 25 minutes to central London by train and ten minutes to the M25, so reckon I have the best of all worlds!!!

Been crafting since 2003 when I got my first computer. My darling stepson is responsible for me getting into cardmaking - he sent me a computer produced birthday card, with my head super-imposed on a topless page three model!!!! So I started off doing digital cards and "head swapping" family photos onto cartoon characters!!!! Then found the Card Inspirations forum site, started trying different techniques, loved punched flowers and quilling - absolutely determined not to try rubber stamps, thought they were just for those who could not do anything else!!!!!! Then got curious (as you do!!), bought a very cheap set of stamps in Hobby craft and the rest is history!!!

I love playing with all things messy, painty, etc. Love making my own background papers, Distress inks are a great favourite to use for this, but I don’t think I have hardly ever stamped with them!!! Love trying out new techniques and am currently into altered art, nothing very adventurous as I do still like "neat and tidy" and tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so cannot do "grunge", but I love altered books, dominoes, jigsaw pieces etc. Have got two abacus (abaci???) waiting for me to start "altering" them - one day!!! You should also know that I love all things Australian and would have gone there to live, if only they encouraged "oldies" to settle there!!!!