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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Cut out your kimono template and decorate it.  I have used pearlescent card here, sponged it with brilliance inks and stamped a pattern using brilliance blue and silver, embossing it with ultra clear embossing powder.  The edges have been sponged with blue brilliance ink.

Attach the collar pieces.

Attach the obi so that it slightly overlaps the bottom of the collar detail.  I have embossed my obi with a pearlescent embossing powder to give it that luxury silk look.  

Now let’s do the back view.

You have three pieces.  

Attach the bigger piece to the smaller piece so it overlaps it by about 1 cm.

Then attach the piece with the rounded edges.  I use sticky pads here just to give it that added depth.

Attach the back collar and you’re finished!

Kimono Shaped Card

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

In times gone by both men and women wore kimonos as every day costume – nowadays only women wear it as formal clothing.

Usually Japanese women own only one kimono, this is usually given as a present by  parents or relatives.

The sash going round the kimono is called an obi.  The purpose of obi is not only to keep the wrapped kimono together, but also to shape the woman's body so that the shape of the womanly curves are not visible.  A cardboard or similar material is often added to smooth down the wrinkles of the obi to make it look more smooth and give it support.

It is said that there are over 300 different ways to tie woman's obi. However there are two styles which are most popular.  My template replicates the taiko style, which is named after taiko-bashi, (traditional drum shaped bridge) and resembles a horizontal cylinder of a drum.

Having discovered these facts about the kimono I felt it important that the kimono card should keep the obi in place and on show, which is why I haven’t made it a front opening card.


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