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This Laptop Card is the perfect card for the computer addict!!!  Easy to personalise, and easy to make!

Cut a piece of card 19 x 28 cm for the outside cover.  Fold it in half.

I designed this card for our friend Sandra’s birthday.

Laptop Card

{click here for template}

laptop screen.pdf

Step 1

It is really easy to make the screen. you could even open a word document and type your special message there to appear on your screen – the friend I made this card for has an E-Bay shop, which I used for the background, and punched out a birthday greeting using E-Bay colours.

To capture a screen print for the screen of your laptop, get what you want to copy on your own computer screen.

Now press and hold down your CTRL key – while holding it down press your PRTSC SYSRQ button, which is the print screen button, usually found at the top of your keyboard, towards the right..

Now open a Word document (or a picture manipulating program), and set your paper layout to landscape.  Press CTRL and V together, and your computer screen picture will appear! you can drag the corners to make it smaller or bigger.

You  can now attach this to the solid part of your cut out template.

Step 2

Now open out your laptop card cover on your desk, short side on the right.

Take the backing off the thin section at the end, turn it over so your picture is facing up and attach it to the left of the fold line, making sure the rest of the card is in line with the cover.

Now fold the left two sections over.

Take the backing paper off your double sided tape, and keeping the insert very flat, fold the right hand side of the card over to the double sided tape, and smooth onto it.  That’s the laptop made!

For the keyboard, I cut out squares of silver card, and stamped letters on them to make my birthday message. You could also do this by typing letters in a word document spaced apart, and cutting them out.

Now place your pop-out template on your table with the computer screen side down, and attach double sided tape as shown below.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Now slice 1.5 cms off one side.

Now use the template to cut out the middle pop-out section of the laptop card.

Fold your scored lines to weaken the folds.

Stick it
this way up!