Sara Sandberg 2018


Lotus Flower Card Instructions

Step 1

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

After the first three petals, only put glue on the bottom part of the petal so that as the flower builds up, the petals are raised away from the base as shown above.

When your petals are all attached leave to dry.  Take the back piece and fold at the score line. Add your glue above this line as shown.

Stick your front piece to it and leave to dry. Once dry I added a sparkle of glitter to the tips of the petals.

As you cut the petals out, turn them over and put the number of the petal on the back, with the number the right way up. This will really help you make this card quickly and easily.

Use the template provided to show you where to correctly position the petals on the base piece that doesn’t have a score line.  Start at number 1 and building up in numerical order.

Glue the first three petals down completely. At this stage I have inked the tips of the remaining petals showing on the base as they will be seen in the background.