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Mini Flip-Flop Shaped Cards

Project and template design by Sara Sandberg

{Click here for templates}

mini flip flops template

The link below will take you to the templates for the flip-flops and box.

Step 1

Cut out your templates. I am using a very thin backing paper for the front of my card, so have cut another piece of card to mount it on for firmness. The strap for the left hand flip flop is slightly different to the one for the right, so make sure you keep the correct ones together.

Step 2

Slide the strap into the cut slot as shown. Don't slide it all the way in, leave a small amount out for the toe piece.

Step 3

Fold the strap down over the flip flop as shown.

Step 4

Turn the flip flop over, and bend the strap threaded through down and stick it.

Step 5

This is the point where I stuck my backing paper to the card to firm it up. As you can see, I'm a big gung ho with my glue!

Step 6

Turn the flip flop over, and use your nail to bend the strap at the top of the toe piece.

Video Instructions

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Flip-Flops - mini Flip-Flops - mini