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No need to print a whole sheet of backing paper -  use ‘Texture Fill’  to fill just the individual shapes!

Filling Shapes using Make the Cut Software

Step 1

Tutorial by Diane Marsh

Open the MTC software on your machine and then select File, Open and navigate to the file you want to use. In this case I am using Sara's Lotus Flower project.

Click on your shape to be filled to select it. Move to the right of the screen and click on the Colour Palette box under the layers header.

Step 2

A new little box will appear. Click on one of the colour boxes to flood your shape with colour, or choose Texturize to fill with a pattern from your computer.

Step 5

If your shape doesn't fill check your mat settings and select Outline/Fill as shown by the orange arrow on the right.

Step 6

Select File, then Print Options and tick the two registration mark boxes as shown.

Step 6

Print your sheet, load your mat and cut as normal. Don't forget to check your blade settings!

{Back to Cutting File Tutorials}

{Back to Cutting File Tutorials}

Before we start, a word of warning!  The Make the Cut software can be a bit temperamental if the texture you choose to work with is a large image size. This can result in the programme freezing - so be sure to save your work regularly to avoid losing any work.

Step 3

Choose your texture file. Click Open.

Step 4

Choose your pattern settings in the box that appears and click ok.