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Fill your shapes with a photo using the Make The Cut software!

Photo shapes using Make The Cut

Step 1

Open MTC and select Pixel Trace, as shown by the arrow here.

Step 2

Tutorial by Diane Marsh

A window will pop up asking you to select the image for tracing. Now I know you don't want to trace....but bear with me here....

Select your image and click Open

A trace window will immediately pop up. It will already be will take a while.

Step 3

Once the tracing has completed it will look like the picture on the right. Change the Threshold number to 255, this is the maximum allowed. Check the box beside Texturize Path, and then click Apply Changes.

It will ask if you want to import with the changes, click yes.

Step 6

Open the template you want to fill with your photo.  I am using the heart from the Triple Heart Easel project.

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Step 4

The whole picture will go green. Click the Import button and then confirm that you want to finish tracing.

Step 5

You may see a black design page, don't panic the photo has been brought into the software in the wrong place or too large. Use your zoom screen to zoom out and the picture will appear. Click on your photo and use the arrows to resize.

Step 7

Click on the shape, and ptress CTRL + C to copy it, or select Edit from the menu, then Copy.

Step 8

Go to the document with the photo in, and select File, Paste in Place.  It’s important you select Paste in Place, not Paste as it will keep the correct proportions this way. Place your shape on the photo in the desired place.  Click on the photo and use the arrows to make it smaller if needed.  

Step 9

Select your shape. Right click on your shape and choose Change Colour/Texture/Line and then choose Select Texture.

Step 10

In the window that appears, check that Tile Texture is NOT checked. Select OK.

Step 11

Click on the shape and drag it away from the photo. Now click on the photo and delete it.

Step 12

All you need to do now is switch on your registration marks under File, Print Options and you can print and cut your project.

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If you have any questions at all, we have a cutting file section in our forum - come and ask your question and we’ll do our best to help you.