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21 Shaped Card

To put together, fold the back piece along the dotted score line, and add your adhesive above it. I find it easier to write on it before attaching it to the card. If you are writing in it after, open the card flat before placing on your work surface.

MTC zip file

21 Shaped Card Templates

21 Individual numbers

21 Front

PDF template

Machine cutters, complete zip files

SVG zip file

GSD zip file

Studio file

For SVG users, please cut two of the shape, and see the PDF for where to fold the card as score lines cannot be cut.

Please check your print settings are for 100% scale, and fit to page is not selected.

21 Back

PDF template

PDF template

number_21_shaped_card_template_front.pdf number_21_shaped_card_template_back.pdf number_21_shaped_card_template_numbers.pdf

Check your Downloads folder after clicking the files! The files should automatically download to your downloads folder, even if they open in a new window.