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 Sara Sandberg 2017


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Step 7

Assemble your biscuits. You will see that I have an extra red circle I am going to put underneath the hole for the jam. This is because when I didn’t have the red card there, and put the glitter glue directly on to the white funky foam, it took ages to dry! I tried heating it, freezing it - nothing could hurry it! My friend thought I’d had a personality change when I told her  I was waiting for my jam to set!

Step 6

Sprinkle a small amount of clear UTEE over your biscuit top. I am making a small batch of biscuits here! Hold your heat gun quite a way above, and keep it still as you gently heat the biscuits without blowing the UTEE off them. As it starts to melt, stop heating.

The UTEE looks like sugar sprinkled on the top!

Jammy Dodger (continued)

Step 5

Gently rub the sponge you used to ink the edges earlier over the embossed pattern to slightly buff it with the brown.

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