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One of the great things about these inks is that there are so many different ways to create interesting backgrounds with them.

Here I have sprayed my inks, then chucked rock salt over them and left them to dry.

This produces a lovely pattern - and if you have let a layer of colour dry below, that colour will be revealed by the salt.



Spray the inks over a stencil.

Blot the stencil with another page, or carefully lift it up and print the same page with the reverse side of the stencil to use up all the ink, and create different effects.

Below are the effects from the two sides of the stencil.

Great backgrounds!

You can also spray water over the stencils. Spray the water, and leave it for a few seconds to settle, then blot off with some kitchen roll.

Stamping with water

You can also use water to stamp with on the Dylusion ink sprays. Spray water on to your stamp.

Stamp your image, then blot with kitchen roll. I left the water on for different amounts of time below to show you the different effects - top left was left for longest before blotting, on the right was blotted almost straight away.

Dylusions Ink Sprays continued . . .

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