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 Sara Sandberg 2017

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Dylusions Ink Sprays continued . . .

I have an old book that I have sprayed pages with different colours, so that when I need a piece for a project it is there ready to go!

A great way of using this is to punch shapes out of the pages.

Below I have just drawn inside the shape with a black sharpie pen and white gel pen.

Don’t throw your scraps away! They could be useful later on! Here’s my box of scraps.

This is one of the sheets I have used for blotting, and you can see it has come in handy!

An example of how handy these pieces are is below. I am doing an online collage course with Claudine Hellmuth, and had the idea for this piece.

I used my scraps for the hair. As you blot up the overspill ink on your cloth your scrap gets darker and darker. This was great for the hair, and much better than a black or brown piece of card,as there are flecks of different colour in it which makes it more interesting.

The grass as well is much more interesting than a piece of green card or paper.

Don’t forget the ink that has sprayed over on to your work surface too - if you have finished mopping up with scraps of card, you can use a sponge to pick it up and use with the stencils too.