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PaperArtsy Fresco Paints

I bought a few of these at The Craft Barn to try out after seeing  

Jo Firth-Young demonstrating them at their Extravaganza. I’ve been looking to freshen up my old paint selection - the ones I used to paint Disney characters on the kids walls when they were younger! I went home and tried these out - and loved them so much I promptly went online and ordered the remaining colours!

Firstly, I like the little bottles they come in. There is a small blob of the actual paint on the label, so you can see exactly what the colour of the paint is. The bottles are easy to squeeze - I just blob small amounts onto my non stick mat and use it as a palette, and it’s great not to have to stop and screw a lid on.

As well as the paints there are two other magical items in the range - Crackle Glaze and Metallic Glaze. More of those later!

I had thought this was just another range of acrylic paints - but how wrong I was! They have great coverage - there is no need to use primer underneath them, and when dry have a beautiful matte chalky texture. Fine brushstrokes seem to magically disappear. The paints can be used on any surface, including metal, glass, ceramic, card, paper, acetate, and fabric.

When I paint on chipboard, I usually put an undercoat of gesso on, otherwise the paint does not show it’s true colour. I experimented to see if this was necessary with the Fresco paints. The stroke on the right of each colour is one layer of Fresco, and on the left two layers of Fresco. As you can see, there is no need at all to use primer, the colour is very true. The chalky texture gives a great surface for stamping on.

Next I got an old coffee jar. This is the jar after one coat of paint. It looked covered well out of the light, but as you can see when in the light the brush strokes were visible. However, after another two coats it was solid - and the chalky texture was lovely! It was just like holding a terracotta pot!  

A lot of different companies have brought out crackle glazes, and PaperArtsy have included one in this range. It gives a different effect than the ones I have tried before though - more of a tattered paint effect, and it’s just lovely.  Click on the picture below to see.

Below is the example of crackle Jo Firth-Young showed at The Craft Barn. On the left hand side the paint is sponged on top of the crackle glaze, the middle one is painted in the same direction as the crackle glaze, and the right hand side is painted in the opposite direction to the crackle glaze.

Something I love to do with paints is blending, and the video below shows how I do this. I am no artist, I just love painting - and I find blending a really peaceful relaxing thing to do. I hope the video shows you how easy it is, so that you can try it too. The colours I have used are Orchid and Butternut.