Sara Sandberg 2018


Pop Up Pot Instructions

Step 1

Template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 2

Step 3

Cut out your template and panel pieces.

Ink the edges.

Stick the panels on to your pot sides. Turn the pieces over so the panels are face down.

Concertina fold the flap as shown.

Stick it as you stack it down on to the pot template.

Add adhesive to the tab above the hectagon as shown.  Fold it up and stick it to the pot. Stick your additional hectagon on top of the hectagon while it is folded up in this way.

Step 4

Fold the flaps in and add double sided tape as shown. Make sure you have both pieces with the foded bits at the bottom before you stick them together.

Don’t stick them until you have read Step 5!

It is easier to use double sided tape for this stage. If you are using wet glue, only add to one tab at this stage.

Next Steps

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