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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Peeping Puppy’s Santa Hat!

Step 4

Fold the card flat, and place the front white trim in line with the back piece.

Now pop the bobble on.

Step 5

Pop the puppy paws on the front trim - use the puppy face to line them up and put them in the right place.

Step 6

Cut off the bottom of the oval so that it fits in the middle section of the stocking, and bend it at the fold line.

Attach it in the stocking as shown below.

Step 7

Put adhesive on the outside of the centre pieces as shown, and glue together.

Folding the card in this way gives you a little ledge inside, which is a perfect place for a Seasons Greetings peel-off if you wish! I think the style is great for the stocking, but you could just fold the card tent style and miss this bit out if you like, sticking the puppy prop behind the Santa hat trim.

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Sara Sandberg 2018