Sara Sandberg 2017


Pull-tab Open Flap Card Instructions

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Cut your templates out. Carefully cut the two slits on the main card.

Fold your pull tab piece in half lengthways, and then glue it closed.  While the glue is wet, fold it along the dotted line.

Open the card, and feed the thin end of your pull piece through the smallest slit, the one nearest the centre.

Step 4

Now feed the other end (the thicker end) through the other slit.

Step 5

Turn your card over.  Decide what shape you are having for a flap.  You will need two identical pieces to sandwich the mechanism with.  

Make sure the long piece sticking through your card is through as far as it can go, and then stick if down onto the back piece of your flap. Make sure the flap is right up to the slit in the card.

Step 6

Now add glue over that back flap as shown, and stick the front piece on it.

Slightly bend the pull tab to make it easier to grab hold of. Have a little go pulling the tab and make sure it’s all working.

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