Sara Sandberg 2017


Pull-tab Open Flap Card Instructions continued

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Open the card up and add adhesive around the very edges  - make sure not to get any glue near the pull tab.  The glue needs to be at the very edges, otherwise there won’t be enough room for the mechanism to move. When flattening your card to stick it, put your hand on the folded side, and smooth down the centre of the card to the other side - this stops it sticking squiffy.

If you want to turn this into a standing card, cut another square of card the same size, and fold it across about a quarter of the way down as shown.  Turn it over, so that the fold is sticking up like a mountain and add glue above the fold line. Now stick that to the back of your card as as a stand - make sure you are sticking it the right way round!

When it’s time to write in the card, open it flat before putting it down on your work surface to write in it.

I would love to post some more pictures of finished cards!  If you could take a photo of the flap open, and closed I can combine them into a moving picture like Daniel’s! Email your pictures to creating@cardmakingparadise.c om and let me know the first name, age and country the creative person who made it lives in. Thank you!