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Pull-tab, Open Flap Card

The kids love making these so much, I am putting this here free for you to have fun making one with them.  Below is the fabulous one made by my nephew Daniel. It was his first go, and it took him less than an hour to make - it really is very easy!

The moving part can be any shape you like - let your imagination run free! It could have a joke on it, and the answer inside, a door with something behind - what will it be?

Please read this before you start!

Before you get going I just want to have a word with you about the paper or card you use for this project.  The mechanism that opens the flap needs room to move - you can see it here from above;

It’s best to use thick paper (like construction paper) or very thin card. If you use thick card, the mechanism will not be able to move very easily and will be squashed flat.

I have included a basic square for a flap, but you can make any shape you like -  let your imagination run free (see more details in the instructions) - whatever shape you use though you will need two of, to sandwich the mechanism with.

Don’t pile too much stuff on the flap and make it too heavy to lift! You can, of course, make the tab open sidewards, or up and down - just turn the card round! I am making the flap lift up in the instructions here.


If you are having trouble with downloading the PDF file, please click here and ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed.



Instructions PDF

PDF Card Base


Usually my templates include cutting files, however as this project is here for the children to use, it is a piece of printer paper cut in half, and two slits - no cutting machine needed! The Shed Shaped card using the same mechanism has cutting files included, members you will find it here.

{Click here to go to the instructions}

Pull tab instructions pull_tab_open_flap_instructions.pdf

PDF Flap