I first started making cards in the year 2000, and quickly realised it was the shaped cards that my friends enjoyed receiving the most.  It was actually seeing a handbag shaped card made by Linda Hart that drew me to cardmaking in the first place!

It was frustrating to search the internet for projects with a difference though, so I decided to build a site for myself and crafty friends that would keep everything we needed for our projects in one place. It was a great way of sharing all the quotes I collected and techniques I learned.

As my love for shaped cards grew, I discovered a talent for designing them myself. I realised that by combining the templates with clear step by step instructions I could help other crafters create cards that their friends and family would enjoy recieving too.

By now my passion was taking up every spare minute of the day, and the size of the website and running a community was incurring costs - so I started charging a small fee which as well as covering the costs, enables me to contribute to selected charities too. The website got a new look, and went from being called Time for Crafting to Cardmaking Paradise.

It is a real joy to see the friendships that have developed across the world through the forum. The ladies have a very special place in my heart, and I love creating new projects for them to have fun with.

Thank you to everyone who visits this site, and for making  Cardmaking Paradise such a lovely place to be.