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 Sara Sandberg 2017

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Welcome to Cardmaking Paradise! I started creating templates in the year 2000 and built a website as a place to store them. It was a hobby I loved while the children were growing up, and the site has grown significantly over the years.

It’s been such a special journey, I have met some lovely ladies from around the world through this site. One of these is Linda Hart, who is a special lady in New Zealand. It was seeing Linda’s handbag shaped card all those years ago that sparked my passion for shaped cards.

We had the most special of reunions in July, where the ladies that I met online at the beginning of my crafting journey all came together from around the world. It was such a special moment, and seemed to bring my crafting journey round full circle. My life has gone in a different direction now, and so I am sharing my projects and templates here for you all to enjoy, and hope you have as much fun with them as I had making them.


Thank you to the talented Sheel, who has produced some lovely techniques for us to share in the Tempting Techniques section.


Thank you to Diane who has created some great cutting file tutorials, and who in the past has helped create some of the MTC files.

About Us