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Scoring and Folding Card

The picture shows the different things I use to score my card. On the right is an old paper cutter I keep with a scoring blade in. This makes it quick and easy to score my cards and to measure where the score line will go.

Next to that is my bone folder. This is a great way to flatten the fold and make it nice and crisp.

If you don’t have a bone folder or scoring blade, a blunt knife with no serration from your kitchen drawer will suffice. Measure where the fold will be, and use the knife and a ruler to create a score line.

The back of a spoon is also the perfect alternative to a bone folder for flattening a fold to be nice and crisp.

Hold here with one hand.

When you are flattening a fold with a bone folder or spoon back, fold your card over and firmly push down to hold the two edges together in place

With the other hand, always start in the centre, and push towards the edge to flatten your fold. This stops the fold going skewey.

When you score the card, you are breaking the fibres. This side with the broken fibres goes on the outside when you fold your card - otherwise you are just squidging the broken fibres together!

Score line this side

Fold these edges together

{Craft Kit}

Next (right)

This is the unfolded edge

Folded edge