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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Cut a square of shrink plastic 10 cm x 10 cm.  If you would like rounded corners on the finished piece, do this now.  Punch two holes down one side close to the edge – these will be used to secure the insert.

Decorate your shrink plastic piece.

Take a piece of card approx 15cm x 3 cm and concertina fold it to a size that fits inside the book.  The back fold should be one into the spine of the book, which you trim flush with the folded over end of the shrink plastic.

Insert the folded card into the shrink plastic cover, and using a sharp pencil (retractor pencils work really well for this) poke the pencil lead through the small holes in the shrink plastic to mark the card.  Take the card out and punch small holes where the marks are.  

Decorate the card, and secure a little tab to what will be the first page to enable the recipient to pull out their message.  Make a little back cover and punch holes in it as you did the insert.

Fold the insert up and tuck it in.  To open it up, pull the little tab.

If your overlap is too loose to tuck the insert into, heat it and squeeze it shut a bit more.  Likewise, if it is too tight to get the insert inside, heat it again and it will gradually open.  Hold it in place until it cools.

This unique tiny book is a lovely way to give someone a special sentiment. I designed this project for the magazine Simply Stamping - and it was then that I decided I loved creating projects so much, that a dream was born of creating a website filled of my own designs.

Time to heat and shrink!!  For this project it is best to heat your shrink plastic using a heat gun.  Once your piece has flattened out, immediately place an eyelet setter, pen, or barrel shaped tool onto the plastic and roll the end of the shrink plastic which has the holed in around it.  As it cools down the shrink plastic will hold this shape.  If it cools down before you have the required shape, simply heat it again.  Mind your fingers!!!

Take your piece of wire, and thread it through the insert and back cover, so that the two ends are hanging out of the back cover side.  Direct these two ends through the holes in the shrink plastic cover, from the inside.  Tighten the wire, and twist to secure the insert.  Use seed beads to decorate the wire, you can push the loose ends back into the holes.

Shrink Wrapped Sentiments

I was so thrilled with this project, I even sent one to Tim Holtz!!

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