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Sleigh, 3D and shaped card

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg.

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Sleigh Template

Cut out your templates - I have cut extra pieces in gold too. Think about the thickness of the card you are using, and what you want to put inside the sleigh. If your card is too thin the ‘legs’ will collapse if you put something inside. It might be worth cutting a couple and sticking together for strength. I have used 240 gm card here, and that holds about 4 big chocolates.

It may be easier to decorate some of your pieces before assembling the sleigh.

I have put together the two edge strips, and added gems, which I bought from Josy Rose.

I used Sparkle Medium from Imagination Crafts spread over a stencil, Merry Doodles from The Crafters Workshop, to add sparkle to the sleigh side.

Fold the side tabs up on the sleigh floor.

Carefully stick the tabs along one of the sleigh sides, following the line of the bottom edge carefully. The PDF template shows you which is the front and back. I find it easier to glue the end piece first and wait for it to dry before sticking the remaining pieces.

Once that side is dry, do the same with the other side. It’s easy as long as you take your time and go slow!

Glue the inside sides on - before gluing just slip them into place, as if you have glued the base slightly squiffy it may need a snip to stop it peeping over the top.

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Don’t worry if it is a bit messy as we are going to cover it.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Now add your decorated side pieces.

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Lainey has made this beautiful Winter Wonderland card using the template - click the picture below for a closer look, and for details on how she has made it.