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Cutting out the slide mailer cover so that the light streams through the image in your slide is just so effective!  Although I have used photos I have taken of flowers on here, my favourite way of using this project is to print photos of children onto acetate to use, and send it as a special gift to the family.

Slide Mailer Keepsake

For my slides I use photos I have taken, and crop them to size in my Serif  programme, creating a page of slides to print off onto a transparency.  However, if you are not familiar with computer software that can do this, don’t worry! you can still create a slide in Word! You can also buy acetate pictures from Crafty Individuals that fit your slide.

Cut out your transparencies and place them between the slides.  Take your self-adhesive metal foil, and attach it to your slide.  I find this easier to do if I place the slide in the centre of the strip, and then wrap it around the sides.  This keeps the edges even.

It is important to create a seal all the way round the slides with the tape to prevent glue seeping between the layers later on.

Step 1

{How to get your photo the right size}

Step 2

Step 3

Any jagged edges you are left with can be filed down gently with a nail file.

Now it’s a good idea to paint your cover with gesso, white acrylic paint or white emulsion – this primes the board to give a good base for your inks and paints to work on.  This isn’t vital, it just makes your paint colours more true!

Prepare your slide by placing your acetate picture between two pieces of glass, and then either use a foil adhesive strip around the slide to seal and secure it, or dip the edges in melted UTEE. Draw round your prepared slide, and then cut out. you want your slide to fit snugly in the hole, so take care not to cut it too big!

Step 3

Step 4

Once you have finished decorating your cover, place it flat on a non-stick craft mat, and put the slides in place.  Put a beading of Glossy Accents around it – don’t overdo it, you don’t want it to ooze out the other side!!  I then sprinkle micro-beads over the Glossy Accents.

Be patient, wait for it to dry before moving it!  When it’s dry, turn it over and do the same to the other side.

Once it’s completely dry, it’s time for the finishing touches

For my cover, after the primer was dry I painted it all yellow with acrylic paints.  I then painted my petals on the front.  The wording is stamped with Stazon – I wanted a more muted effect, so stamped on paper before stamping on my project to take away excess ink.

I blobbed Glossy Accents in the middle of the flower, and poured beads over it for texture.

On the inside of the cover, I painted it yellow, but on the very edges painted it orange, then blended it in to the yellow.  When blending I don’t use much paint at all, and keep kitchen roll handy to keep wiping my brush with.  I then stamped my image, and then sponged Brilliance Galaxy Gold
over the edges.