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Here I give you two different type of Star Books to make. When you’ve mastered the designs, try combining them for an ultra snazzy Star Book! Put photos behind the cut outs! Punch holes through the three layers for added effect! There is no end to the different things you can do with these lovely books.

Star Books

Take the coloured cards that are going to be the background colour, and put double sided stick tape on the outside 4 edges of one outer side, so when the card is opened out it looks like this;

You are now going to join the 5 background cards together, the side without the double sided tape going against the side of the next card which does have double sided tape.

Do this until you have the 5 cards stacked on top of each other.

Take one of the inner cards and place it flat on the table in front of you, with the fold at the top.  Fold the front up to meet the fold.  Repeat on the other side, so that when you look at your card from the side it looks like a W.

This W is going to sit inside the background page like this.

Now cut your apertures out of the pointed middle of the W.  I use a punch upside down for this, as in the picture – but on the floor using my foot to push it down!

Now you need to put double sided tape on the outside edges of the W

Open the book out, and carefully line up and attach the inside W shaped card with the outside edge of the background.

Turn the card round and line up the other side and attach.  Repeat this with all 5 pages.

Cut a piece of card 20.5 x 10 for the cover.

Close the book, and put double sided tape on the outer side that doesn’t have it yet.  Adhere a ribbon to one of the outer sides for tying the book.  Take the backing off the double sided tape, and attach the cover.   Turn the book over, and attach the ribbon in the same way.  Take the backing off the tape, and wrap the cover over to stick to the back cover.

Cut 5 pieces of card 20 x 10 cm

Cut another 5 pieces of card 20 cm x 10 cm in a contrasting colour.

Fold all the piece of card in half to make 10 x 10 cm folded squares.

{style 1}

{style 2}

{Style 1}

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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{Style 2}

Star Book #style1 #style2

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