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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Star Books

Star books are really easy to make, and make very impressive gifts. You can make them as quick and easy or as complicated as you like. They are named as they open out to a star shape!

Lainey has made this beautiful Star Book. Please take the time to take a closer look by clicking the picture on the right.

Star Book Slideshow

Step 1

Decide on the dimensions you want your star book to be.  I am going to show you a 10cm square book - but once you have read through the project you will see how easy it is to adjust the measurements to the size you need.

Cut 5 pieces of card for your inside layer 20cm x 10cm

Cut 5 pieces of card for your middle layer 18cm x 10 cm

Cut 5 pieces of card for your inside layer 16cm x 10cm.

I am using very luminous colours here to make it easy for you to see!

Step 2

Take your bigger pieces, and add adhesive to one outer side as shown.

Stick another of the folded outside pieces to it as shown.

Step 3

Take your middle pieces, and lay them on your worktop with the fold on the left, opening side on the right.

Put a thin strip of adhesive on the outside along the opening edge as shown.

Do this on the other side too, so that if you were to open it out, it would look like this.

Step 4

Take you glued outer pieces stack, and put them on your work surface with the first piece folded up as shown.

Take one of your middle pieces and attach it carefully alighning the outer edge.

Take the backing off your double sided tape, and fold the stack over it to stick.

May I suggest you read through the project before starting, as there are variations suggested along the way!

{Click here}

Star Book Slideshow

20 cm x 10 cm

18 cm x 10 cm

16 cm x 10 cm

Carry on doing the same with your remaining outside pieces until you have a glued stack as shown.

You now have this.

Repeat with the remaining inside pieces until your book looks like this.

{Click here for the next steps}

Star Books 2 Star Books 2