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To make the stand, fold both pieces back and tuck the top piece into the bottom piece - this supports the stand and stops it sliding out.

If you are putting something heavy in the middle you may need to cut another support to stick on and strengthen. The way I test this is to make the card, and sit it on my worktop next to me. If the stand starts to bow, I stick another layer on it.

Step 3

Fold three of your smaller stars in half, and join them together as shown.

Step 4

Punch or make a small hole in the star and in the point it will hang from.

Step 5

Carefully add a jump ring to your card and to the star, and one to join the two.

This does make your card heavier, so you may want to stand it up for a while now to see if the back support needs strengthening, as in step 1.

Step 1

Cut out your template - if you would like a solid middle to your star, don’t cut the two inside star shapes!  Cut the three outside star shapes - one  being the main card shape, and the two inside that for the stand.

Step 2

Fold the top part of the stand down over the part where it is joined. Fold the bottom part up over the joined part.

{Click here for the template}

Star Trellis template

Star Trellis Card