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 Sara Sandberg 2017

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No need to print a whole sheet of backing paper -  use ‘Texture Fill’  to fill just the individual shapes!

Filling Shapes using Silhouette Studio

Step 1

Choose File, then Open and navigate to the folder where your chosen file is located. I am working here with Sara's Lotus Flower project.

I am using the latest version of the software. If you haven't updated recently, or have the basic version of the software, then your screen may look a little different, but the options remain the same.

Step 2

Tutorial by Diane Marsh

Click on one of the lotus flower shapes to select it.

Open the Fill Pattern window by clicking on the icon indicated by the yellow arrow on the right here. This will open the pattern swatches, which you can see on the right here.

The Studio software comes with some basic fill patterns. If you have upgraded to the Design version of the software, you are able to add your own background papers and patterns to the library.  You can select File, Library to open the library and drag and drop files there from your computer, or select File, Import to select the file and add it.  Your design will then show up as a swatch below the supplied Silhouette swatches.

Step 3

Click on one of the pattern swatches, and your selected shape is now automatically filled with this pattern

If you click on the advanced Options tab below the pattern swatches, you can adjust the settings to make alterations to your pattern. Here you can change the scale of the pattern, you can use Pan to move the pattern around to show a certain flower or object on the design, you can decrease or increase the transparency, and if you click on the red line in the box and move it you can rotate the pattern too. Great fun!

Step 4

If you wanted multiple objects to have the same fill, such as the lotus flower petals, select all the items and then click on the pattern swatch.  They will all then fill individually as shown.

Step 5

Click on the Registration Marks icon shown by the orange arrow on the right here.  The first option is Style; select your Machine type.

Move your shapes within the registration marks, ensuring they are not  on the hatched areas.

Select File, Print to print your page, or click on the printer icon.

Step 6

Click on the ‘send to cutter’ icon shown by the orange arrow. Your send to silhouette window will open. Check that your shapes have a red cut line showing around them. Click on the Advanced Options at the bottom of the cut window and make your choices regarding the material you are cutting and your blade and speed settings. Do a test cut if you are not sure.

Click Send to Silhouette.

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{Back to Cutting File Tutorials}