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Fill your shapes with a photo using the Silhouette Studio software!

Photo shapes using Silhouette Studio

Step 1

Choose File, then Open and navigate to the folder where your chosen photo is located. Select the photo, and it will open in Studio.  It will probably appear absolutely huge - but don’t worry, we’ll make it smaller in the next step. (With the latest versions of the software you can drag the photo from your files to an open document in Studio).

Step 2

Tutorial by Diane Marsh

Click the zoom out button (orange arrow) until you see the corners of your photo, then drag them in until your photo is small enough to be on your cutting space.

Click on the restore view button (green arrow) to fill the screen with your picture and mat.

Step 3

Select File, Open to open the template you want to fill with the photo.  I am using the heart from the Triple Heart Easel Card project here.  (You can use shapes included in the Studio software if you like, click here to find out how.)

Select the shape, and press CTRL + C or select Edit, Copy to copy it.

Step 4

Go to the document with the photo, and press CTRL + V or select Edit, Paste to paste the shape on the photo.   Select the photo, and drag the corners until it is the right size to be cut to your shape.

Select both the shape and the photo. From the top menu select Object, then Modify, then Crop. Your photo then crops to your shape.

Step 7

Load your image on the cutting mat. Click on the ‘send to cutter’ icon shown by the orange arrow. Your send to silhouette window will open. Check that your shape has a red cut line showing around them. Click on the Advanced Options at the bottom of the cut window and make your choices regarding the material you are cutting and your blade and speed settings. Do a test cut if you are not sure.

Click Send to Silhouette.

{Back to Cutting File Tutorials}

{Back to Cutting File Tutorials}

Step 5

Click on the Registration Marks icon shown by the orange arrow on the right here.  The first option is Style; select your Machine type.

Move your shape within the registration marks, ensuring it is not  on the hatched areas.

Step 6

Click on the Cut Settings icon, and select Cut Edge.

Select File, Print to print your page, or click on the printer icon.  

Instead of using a shaped template, you can draw a shape from the Silhouette software to crop your photo to.  Simply go to the document with your photo open, and select a shape from the left hand side and draw it over your photo. Then proceed from the second part of Step 4 to crop your shape.

If you have any questions at all, we have a cutting file section in our forum - come and ask your question and we’ll do our best to help you.

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