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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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I have called this a Surprise Waterfall Card because by changing the dimensions of the card we attach to our template, the recipient has no idea there are more layers to this card until they pull the tab.  One by one the layers are revealed, each being a surprise.  

I now prefer this style to the original version.

Place the bottom card on the bottom square section

The next card on the section above that . .

and the next one . .

and lastly the top. one!

Now decorate the pull down tab, and you’re done!  Attach to your card or scrapbook page by the double sided tape you have already put on the back.

I put my card in the printer, and print the template directly onto the card I am going to use.  I don’t recommend doing this though if your printer sends the card round a u shape though – that’s how I broke my last printer, and why I now have a printer that just shoots the paper through front to back!!!

Because this is a Surprise Waterfall, it looks better if you cover the pull section of the template with the same pattern as your background like this;

Cut out your template, and score along the dotted lines.  Fold the score lines to loosen the folds.

Surprise Waterfall Card

{Click here for template}

Waterfall Topper Template

Step 1

Fold the left flap over and put a piece of double sided tape on the top of it.

Fold the right hand piece over to stick to the tape.  Do not fold these too tightly round the card as it needs room to move!

Put another piece of double sided tape on the top piece you have just folded over but do not take the backing off – this is to stick your waterfall card topper to your card or scrapbook page!

Turn your topper over.

Put a piece of double sided tape between each of the score lines as shown.  Put a piece at the bottom of the square as well.

Fold the top section over at the top score line

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Cut 4 squares of card, one of each of these measurements;

6 x 6 cm

6 x 7.5 cm

6 x 9 cm

6 x 10.5 cm

The 6 x 6 cm square is your bottom piece, the 6 x 10.5 is the top piece.

Step 5