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This tiny book makes a lovely memento for a special occasion.  

Here you can see the different pages I have done for a wedding book.  

Tiny Book

The tiny book template is easy, you can make the book as big or small as you want, with as many pages!

My book is made up of 3cm x 3 cm pages.

Here I have included three different templates.  The first is in word, where I have put some text boxes that you can just edit with your own text. you can either stamp images, or add your own clip art.  The clip art I used came from but Microsoft have their own good selection too.

Cut the template. When you have decorated your Tiny Book, concertina the pages and glue them back to back – I use double sided tape for this.

Cut your covers from thick card, or make them from shrink plastic – the finished size should be 3.5 x 3.25 cm.

Take two pieces of thin thread and stick them to the inside of the covers as shown.  Cut them a longer than they need to be – it’s easier to tie a bow with long pieces, and you can trim them down once you’ve tied the bow!

Fold up your tiny book, and carefully stick it to the back cover – the back of the book needs to be in line with the back of the cover.  If the covers stick out past the back, you can’t open the book properly!

Now you can attach the front cover.  Tie the ribbons, and you’re done!

{Click here for template}

Tiny Book Template

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

I used shrink plastic for the covers as I think it gives it an almost china like feel.  

Before shrinking, I sponged the shrink plastic lightly with Brilliance inks.  I then stamped the work Wedding using black Stazon, and blasted it all with my heat gun to shrink it down and set the inks.

Once shrunk, I coated the shrink plastic with Rangers Glossy Accents – Diamond Glaze would work equally well.  I don’t use UTEE for this as sometimes the shrink plastic curls a bit when heated again, and if it’s covered in UTEE you can’t splat it with a book to flatten it!!

With the glossy accents still nice and wet, I got some ultra fine glitter and sprinkled it very lightly over the cover.

If you don’t want to use shrink plastic, you could get a similar effect by using thick card, and building up layers of UTEE.  When doing this I often drop small beads into it while melted.

The Cover

Then the tag is removed from it’s vellum pocket, the words ‘I thee wed’ are revealed.

The ‘With this ring’ wording was just cut out tag shaped, and a tiny hole punched in the top.  I cut a piece of silver card the same shape, then threaded the two together with a piece of thin wire.  A seed bead was then threaded onto the wire, and then a skewer used to wrap the wire round it to make coils.

The vellum pocket was a 3cm x 4cm piece of vellum (tracing paper actually!!), 1 cm folded back to make a 3 x 3 cm square.

I then cut diagonally across the square with patterned scissors, and attached the flap behind the page with double sided tape.  The front top of the flap was then stuck to the page with a very small amount of glue – too much glue makes the vellum bubble.

The flap behind the page can’t be seen when the pages are stuck together.

Page One

{Page 3}

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