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If you haven’t used alcohol inks before, you need a non porous surface to try them out on.  

Acetate, glossy card, metal – all are fine.  Although photo paper is glossy, it is not suitable for playing with alcohol inks as it has a different surface to other glossy card.  

Alcohol Ink Antics

As a starting point it’s fun to just drop the different colours on to your glossy surface to see how they interact with each other.

I find Pinata and Adirondack alcohol inks react slightly differently, as you can see here.

Tip 1

Adirondack Inks

Pinata Inks

Tip 2

You can buy alcohol ink applicators.  Here I have made my own – you need a block of some sort (I have used an acrylic block intended for unmounted stamps), and some self adhesive velcro (I got mine from Hobbycraft)   Stick the rough sided velcro to your block.  Now you can cut small rectangles of felt, and stick them to the applicator.

When using, just put the nozzle of the ink into the felt, and give a quick spurt.  Use different colours at the same time, just one squirt per colour, but in different parts of the felt.

Tip 3

On the left I have stippled the colours on a piece of acetate with my applicator, and after a moment stippled over them again. On the right, I squirted some blending solution on my felt and stippled over the same piece.

Swirling the alcohol ink on your sheet, adding another colour and swirling again, and finally a blob of blending solution and more swirling gives a very different look.  Here I was creating a sea effect.

{More alcohol ink antics}

Alcohol Inks