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Step 3

Take the biggest heart templates. Cut out the heart easel piece, and fold it in half, and then fold the top heart down as shown above on the left.

Take the biggest heart, and stick the bottom of it to the folded down piece as shown.

I have embossed the smaller heart in a Cuttlebug folder, and then swiped the embossed area with an inked sponge. I also sponged the sides of the heart with ink, and attached the heart to the front of the heart easel.

Now make the other two heart shaped easel cards in the same way.

Step 4

Open the largest of the hearts, and stick the base of the middle heart on to it, lining up the tip of the heart base with the tip of the big heart base.

Now open the middle heart, and stick the base of the smallest heart on it, lining up the point of the bases.

Step 5

The hearts act as the stoppers for each other.

Triple Heart Easel Card Instructions

Triple Heart Easel

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Triple Heart Easel