Sara Sandberg 2018


Step 6

Step 7

Pop-Up Vase of Flowers (continued)

Fold your strips as shown above.

Take the smaller one, and add glue to the tabs as shown above.

Go in from the bottom of the vase, and stick one side in place just to the side of the centre fold, then fold the vase flat onto it to stick the other tab in place as shown below. Don’t go far up inside the vase, you want it close to what will be the bottom.

Add glue to the larger pieces tabs as before, and this time go in from the top, just above the tab you have just stuck in place.

This tab is going to be stuck close to the edge though - take a look at the finished picture below to see where to place it.

Again, push the vase flat on it to stick in place. It’s important to stick these pieces this way to ensure your vase can fold flat when you send it.

The inside now looks like this.

You need to stick these towards the bottom of the vase to balance the weight of the flowers.

Step 8

Now starting at the back, pop a flower into the vase and decide where you want it to stick on the tabs.

From underneath mark the stem, then trim it and add glue to it to stick it in place on the tab. Repeat with the other flowers, arranging them as you go and spreadiing them across the tabls.